10 Tips to Be a Good Leader

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Anyone may be set as a leader but not everyone can be a good leader. Nowadays, Good Leadership is a very important and popular concept, since groups and companies are always looking forward to accomplishing their goals or improving their incomes.

“The success of a group lies in the quality of the leader it has.”

Leader vs Influencer

Influencer affects people’s personality, thought process, decisions, opinions, likes, and values.

It´s become a popular concept through the last years thanks to social media.

Influencers are also used as marketing tools, they used their charism and persuasion talent to convince you about something.

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Out of the media, we also find influencers at the work, school, and even family environment.

They can create trends and push people to accept them and adopt them.

Like the effective leader, the effective influencer develops positive qualities that reach people, individually or in groups.

Anyone can develop these qualities, whether or not they’re in a position to lead.

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal.

To become a good leader, you must fulfill some qualities that not every leader manages.

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Characteristics of The Good Leader

A good leader must be:

  1. Honest and full of Integrity, the good leader is a person you can trust on, a person who is going to set the group wellbeing first rather his or her wellbeing.
  2. An inspiring person, this leader will give you the desire of following him/her. She/he always gives a good example. She/ he is a person full of talent that anyone recognizes.
  3. Consistent, a good leader doesn´t change his/her mind every five seconds, is clear and trustworthy.
  4. Assertive, a good leader is a positive, polite, firm and clear person. If you are a leader and you can´t control your feelings and personal traits you shouldn´t be a leader.Resultado de imagen para angry leader
  5. Respectful, a good leader must respect his/her group´s opinion, must listen and accept the good ideas they give and wisely reject an idea with real basics and reasoning to be respected as well. He/she also knows how to handle conflict positively.
  6. Motivator, always encouraging and giving reasons to be better every day. Not only with words but actions. The good leader appreciates all the talented and intelligent people around; he/she doesn’t feel threatened by them because he/she understands that they are worthy.
  7. Flexible, he/she always listens and negotiates with the team at any kind of situation.
  8. Adaptable to different situations, he/she never gets out of control if something is not going on as it was expected. The good leader finds out the way without affecting the team or distressing a member.
  9. A good leader is always looking for new points of view and trying new ways to accomplish goals.
  10. Organized, the good leader makes plans, organizes actions to follow and delegates functions to the ideal collaborators.

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Classroom Leaders


Not only a boss can become a leader, but there are also different types of leaders and different types of groups or teams.

If you are a student, you can be a leader as well.

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In the classroom we find positive leaders and negative leaders, the good leader is full of the qualities before mentioned and the negative leader is always looking for his convenience.

He/she looks like a good person, he/she might make you feel good or popular.

But, bad leaders always show what they really are. And those who follow them become the most affected.

The positive classroom leader has something that the boss or manager of any company doesn’t have.

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The classroom leader helps you to accomplish your personal goals at the same time that he/she is accomplishing his/hers and gaining personal growth and wisdom at the same time.

In Spanish Pura Vida we encourage our students to become positive leaders and apply this experience in their professional and personal life.

See you soon…