Why Pets Are Important for Human Beings?

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Pets are an important part of our lives. They fulfill not only a space at home but a great part of our hearts.

They have been side by side with human beings since the early stages of Humanity.

The role pets play is very significant since the early stages of humanity and also change according to the specific owner individualities such as age, physical condition, emotional situation, etc.

Pets Through History

According to research, they have been an important part of Universal History in really crucial periods or phases.

They satisfy a prehistoric and deep human requirement.

For example; the dog was the first one in being domesticated because it was skilled, it also had strong jaws, and it was really good at tracking prey.

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The dogs were assured of a continuous supply of food as well as warmth from the fire as a reward for their help and assistance in hunting.

The dog has been domesticated and kept as a pet since Paleolithic times, as can be concluded from the paintings and carvings that archaeologists have found in ancient campsites and tombs.

If they had the honor of being painted or stamped, it means that they were significant for humans.

Next to dogs, we find cats and horses, nevertheless, they were domesticated later on history.

Riding astride horses was a practice developed a few centuries later.

Cats were not domesticated as a pet until the New Kingdom period (16th century BC) in Egypt.

It might seem a little peculiar but the ancient Egyptians had tamed wild animals, such as lions, hyenas, monkeys, and dogs, but they had never tamed cats.

When they finally did it these little animals became popular.

The cat became one of the most universally venerated animals, associated with the royalty.

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The pet-and-owner relationship is not only founded on companionship; from the earliest period of domestication, pets have satisfied economical goals.

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Grasping animals to feed their human masters is one of the most fundamental uses of pets, not only dogs, but cats, hyenas, and lions have also been used for hunting or even as a kind of sport or way to amuse the high classes.

Nowadays, pets are not required to hunt for food, they satisfy other human needs in the emotional area and the entertainment field.

Emotional Connections and General Well Being

Some people just don’t like animals, and that´s it. They just don’t consider that they can be healthy or positive in their lives. They see animals as something else to do, more work to complete.

They are right somehow because they consider them as an important responsibility and that´s true, animals are not toys or objects they have minimum requirements and needs, they are alive and they need to survive.

So that´s why before deciding on adopting a pet, you should remember that you must fulfill their requirements to get benefits from them as well.

Anyway, there´s legislation in many countries about animals ‘care and abuse. So you might get punished if you dismiss these laws.

Some advantages we get from owning pets are:

  • Decrease the risk of suffering depression or emotional disorders.
  • Increase the opportunities to practice outdoor activities or sports, since it´s necessary to take our pets for a walk once or twice a day.
  • Decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

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  • Increase your feelings of happiness (serotonin), since they always take out a smile from you.

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  • Your children avoid allergies.
  • They can teach your children responsibilities.

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  • Some dogs have even detected cancer in their owners.
  • Relax and enjoy your pet, you´ll never feel alone.

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As you can see the advantages of owning pets are more than the disadvantages you might find.

Here in Spanish Pura Vida, we recognize the importance of taking care of these important life companions and how important they are for human beings.

They are able to love you more than anything.

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