Is it Possible to Learn Spanish During your Vacations in Costa Rica?

Mercado Central de Alajuela
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.Costa Rica is a wonderful country filled with natural wonders and welcoming people. It is one of North America´s favorite vacation destiny. A large number of people from United States, Canada and Europe have made Costa Rica the home of their choice. Spanish is a wonderful and useful language not only in Costa Rica but also in United States. Many people that come to Costa Rica wish that they’d be able to stay a little bit longer than their less two or three-week vacation to learn. Below are some useful tips on how to learn in Costa Rica in a short amount of time.

Learn Spanish

Live and Learn Spanish with a Costa Rican Family

Spanish Pura Vida offers a home-stay program with the liberty to travel to many places in Costa Rica and at the same time immerse yourself in the language by living and speaking with native Costa Ricans.  Get a glimpse into the life of a Spanish speaker and become one of the  family. This will ease your Spanish learning process immensely. Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to learn Spanish but it is also a life changing experience.


Attend a Local School

There are many schools in Costa Rica that teach Spanish to many English speakers who either live in Costa Rica or are here on vacation. One of these institutions is the Centro Cultural de Idiomas located in Alajuela. The Centro Cultural de Idiomas provides an opportunity for the tourist as well as the expat to learn with fellow classmates just as themselves and interact in this wonderful language in a healthy learning and interactive environment.


Private Tutoring

Another marvelous way to learn during your stay in Costa Rica is by finding a private tutor. He or she will impart your Spanish lessons at a location of your choice. This is a very personal way to learn and it is the best way for someone who wishes to have a more interactive time with the teacher. The Centro Cultural de Idiomas in Alajuela has a wide variety of teachers of all backgrounds. They provide lessons to anyone coming from United States, Canada or Europe. Our teachers also come from these countries.

These are some quick and useful tips on how to learn in Costa Rica in less than a month. Learning Spanish is a way that will enrich even more your activities during your vacation.

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