More Costa Rican Phrases Every Spanish Learner in Costa Rica Should Know

Spanish phrases
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The identity of many Costa Ricans is reflected on their speech. Everyday spanish frases used by Costa Ricans, reflect the history and the mentality of this warm-welcoming country. In this follow article I would like to share with you some interesting phrases used in everyday Costa Rican spanish. I will try to get away from the ones that most people know like ´´pura vida’’ since most people already seem to know these phrases. Learning these phrases will help enrich your experience in this wonderful Central American country.


Carne Molida

This is a saying that literally means ´´ground meat´´ and it is an adjective that aplies to someone who is very sloppy, in order words, someone who makes a lot of ´´tortas´´ which itself means ´´burgers´´ with the sense of ´´mess-ups´´ in Costa Rican vernacular Spanish. So in summary, to refer to someone as a ‘’carne molida´´ is implies that this person tends to ‘’mess up’’ quite often.

Corta Picos y Picones para los Chiquitos Preguntones

This phrase is used when someone, in most cases a child, is asking an adult a question (pregunta in Spanish) that he should not ask. So, a good and somewhat humorous example would be a child asking his parents, where do children come from? In this case the adult would say ‘’Corta Picos y Picones para los chiquitos preguntones’’ as a witty way of saying you should not ask me this question.

Spanish phrasesA Caballo Regalado no se le Pela el Diente

This is a saying to point out that whichever gift one might receive one must be thankful regardless of what it is. One must ‘’not look a gift horse in the mouth’’ as we would say in North America. This would be the English equivalent of the Spanish saying.

I hope that this arcticle has helped you with the context of some of these Spanish sayings often use in Costa Rica. You will be able to apply these phrases once you are here in this wonderful country. For more information on how to study Spanish in Costa Rica please click here.