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Being so close to the airport, Alajuela is packed with many different lodging options. Below is a list of establishments whose owners or administrators we know and trust. We feel confident and comfortable recommending them to our students.


Hotels are a good option for people who can spend a little more on lodging and want the security and amenities a Hotel can provide. Below are some of the those in Alajuela we think you might enjoy.

Cala Inn B&B Hotel

Less than a ten minute walk from the School, Hotel Cala offers affordable long-term stays, free breakfast every morning, and a pleasant all Costa Rican Staff

Villa Pacande Bed & Breakfast

Just North of Alajuela, Villa Pacande makes its home on a coffee plantation and offers students a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

Hotel Cortez Azul Hotel

Sitting in the heart of Alajuela, the hotel boasts very clean, spacious rooms which are decorated with unique artwork handcrafted by the owner, Eduardo



Hostels are a good option for people who want to travel on a budget, enjoy a community atmosphere, and are comfortable sharing rooms with strangers. Below are a few in Alajuela we’d highly recommend.

Alajuela Backpackers Hostel

With free internet, breakfast and a fully bilingual staff, Alajuela Backpackers is hard to beat. Their claim to fame is their roof top bar looking out over all of Alajuela

Maleku Hostel Hostel

A short walk from the school, the Maleku Hostel offers students an affordable stay with a homey feel. Clean beds, free coffee and wifi, and a friendly atmosphere

Hostel Trotamundos Hostel

Clean, quaint, and literally a one minute walk from the school, Hostel Trotamundos offers students in-city lodging with free internet and friendly staff

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