“Nicoya´s Annexation and July 25th”: 5 Reasons Why This Date brought a lot of Benefits for Costa Rica

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Nicoya´s Annexation was on July 25th, it´s a very special date for Costa Rica, full of benefits for both sides.

This day in 1824 the relationship between Costa Rica and it´s amazing touristic province Guanacaste was started.

Guanacaste is the 5th province of Costa Rica, located in the northwest of the country.

It borders on the north with  Nicaragua, on the east with the Province of Alajuela, on the south with the Province of Puntarenas and the west with the Pacific Ocean.

Before being called Guanacaste it was called “Partido de Nicoya” and it was independent of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it had its government and identity.

Remember it´s not correct to say “Guanacaste´s Annexation”; it must be said “Nicoya´s Annexation” or “Partido de Nicoya´s Annexation.

Nicoya had Tempisque River and the Pacific Ocean to the west and up to the north El Salto River, La Flor River and Nicaragua´s Lake.annexation

“Nicoya… Synonym of Supremacy”

Nicoya is an interesting name, isn´t it?

Its origin is full of braveness and power.

The colonial city of Nicoya honors the most powerful Chorotega Cacique of all the region in the


16th century: “Nicoa”.

He was one of the last leaders of the Kingdom of Nicoya.

He was really strong, brave and his supremacy was so tremendous that; the canton, the peninsula and the gulf stand his name.

Nicoa, in Nahuatl language, the language of the Aztecs, means place divided by waters.

In this case, it refers to the Tempisque River and the Pacific Ocean.

Why Costa Rica?

Even when people from Nicoya were sovereign, after the Independence of Central America from Spain in 1821 they preferred to take a decision.

Nicaragua was really close and very interested in Partido de Nicoya to expand their territory. However; its people had something different in mind.

Nicaragua was full of political conflicts, and people from Nicoya were not interested in being part of that.

They kept very good trading relationships with Costa Ricans. Also; they believed Costa Ricans were very friendly and nice people.

“De La Patria por Nuestra Voluntad”

The inhabitants of Partido de Nicoya agreed to hold an open meeting to define their situation.

As a result, they decided to join the Province of Costa Rica on July 25, 1824, under the slogan “De la Patria por Nuestra Voluntad” (we belong to the homeland because it´s our will)

Lots of Benefits for Costa Rica

Costa Rica got a lot of positive things thanks to Nicoya´s Annexation.

Costa Rica could:

  • Get increased its territory.
  • Enrich meaningfully the culture and National identity with music, typical dances, “Bombas”, typical garments, and “marimba” among others.
  • Guanacaste if highly recognized by its beautiful touristic places, especially its beaches.
  • Agriculture improved since Costa Rica increased the variety of products that were grown, rice, beans, corn, and sugar cane, among others.
  • Cattle raising became part of the national industry.

annexationPartido de Nicoya Was Enriched as Well


People from Nicoya also got a lot of benefits, from the Annexation too since they:

  • Joined to a peaceful country.
  • Increased their population.
  • Got better trading relationships, the process got simpler.
  • Could share their products and typical food and dishes.

National Symbols

Many of the Costa Rican National Symbols have their origin in thanks to Nicoya´s Annexation, some of them are:

  • Marimba
  • Typical clothesannexation
  • Guanacaste Tree

A lot of the Costa Rican spirit comes from Guanacaste, its traditions, food, customs,” Bombas” and ”guipipias!”

This is an important part of our country and History,

that´s why in Spanish Pura Vida we want to share with you this wonderful little part of our history and our people.

So, come and visit us to know our amazing country better and fully enjoy this wonderful experience.