Come and try Gallo Pinto

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Have you tried Gallo Pinto? If not, then you’re missing something delicious in your life!

Gallo Pinto means literally, “Spotted Rooster” which in Spanish is characterizing the speckled resemble of the white delicious rice mixed with the tasty dark beans.

Gallo Pinto is typically known as the main breakfast in Costa Rica but you can eat it anytime, It is usually served alongside scrambled eggs or fried eggs, with the most delicious accompaniments such as a slice of fried white cheese or fresh Turrialba Cheese, Costa Rican sour cream that is different than American sour cream, plantains, sliced avocado, a corn tortilla or bread, and a cup of coffee or the famous Agua Dulce to drink.

The seasoning that is generally used in traditional Gallo Pinto is Lizano sauce, a vegetable-based condiment used widely throughout Costa Rica. However not everybody likes to cook Gallo Pinto with Lizano sauce, it is highly recommended if you want to try a typical Costa Rican meal.

If you have not tried Gallo Pinto yet you should come to Costa Rica and get a new favorite dish.