5 Steps to Deliver an Amazing Speech

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Public speaking is difficult for some people; we might find curbs during the process. Especially when we are a little shy, reluctant, not very organized or just don´t know how to face and handle this task when it´s assigned. Then here you have the most relevant steps to deliver an amazing speech, at your job or school environment.

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Step 1: Get to Know Your Intended Audience and the Purpose of the Speech

Sometimes the topics for speech are assigned by our teacher, trainer or boss, then it´s important to start searching and investigating about the topic and recognize how this topic might be helpful for my classmates or co-workers.

You must find a purpose for you to talk about that topic and develop it according to your audience characteristics: audience expectations, age, educational level, experience, gender, nationalities, political and economic status, values, surpluses, lack, etc…

If you have the chance of selecting your topic, you should also consider the mentioned characteristics.

When you have a clear idea about your audience needs and points to consider in your presentation, you get ready to start the process of creating and delivering an amazing speech.

The 4 basic speech purposes are: to persuade, to inform, to entertain, and to encourage.

Step 2: Take into Consideration Your Interests and Knowledge as Well

When you talk about a topic you’ve already managed it´s easier to develop it and you even enjoy the presentation.

You make an extra effort connecting your interests with your audience interests, but it´s not a big deal, because you are sure about why you consider your topic as a good topic.

Step 4:  Brainstorming and Picking

When you are clear about your topic and audience characteristics you can start brainstorming ideas.

In this case, you write down relevant points regarding your topic.

After you select them you can begin outlining and developing important ideas and information.

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Step 3:  Structuring Your Subject Matter

All the speeches or formal presentations have an introduction, main body, and conclusions.

Take into consideration that the body of your speech is the first thing you develop, from here you take the introduction and conclusion.

The introduction must catch your audience attention and interest; it should be really grasping to get people interested in paying attention to you.

You can introduce using different techniques such as: presenting a fact, a story, direct questions to the audience, a quotation, an experience, even an experiment. Your creativity is the limit.

“Good morning I´m going to talk about elephants”, it´s not a good way to start an amazing speech.

The conclusion requires to take important elements from the speech, to summarize, to give a final point of view, to analyze the morals and values, to close properly the presentation.

Step 4:  Language, Style, and Environment

To give an amazing speech we should have verbal and non-verbal communication management; a speech is not only a speaking task. It involves elements of language that require proper kinesthetic and facial expressions.

You should stand properly, breath, try to be clear, understandable, use a pleasant voice and suitable eye contact.

Another important point is that you must be prepared off course, you should´ve been practicing and studying the content.

Amazing Speeches should be given in appropriate places. Nevertheless, you might not have the opportunity of selecting the place, but at least you could check if the place is big enough, ventilated, with an appropriate seating layout, and with all the requirements you need to give your amazing speech.

Never, never forget to keep media devices background or at least two extra USB flash drivers with your presentation saved. You avoid accidents or complications.

An amazing speaker wears appropriate and suitable clothes, watching his/her appearance.

Don´t forget confidence and avoid too much walking back and forward while presenting.

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Step 5: A-V Effective Use

A-V or audiovisual aids should fulfill certain requirements to be really helpful and suitable for your amazing speech:

  • They should be big enough and High Definition.
  • They should fit the content of the presentation.
  • They must supplement the body languageResultado de imagen para visual aids.
  • You should be careful when you are using them, talk to the audience, not to the visual aids.
  • Finally, if you want to give an effective and amazing speech; you are able to do it, just remember the most important element here is the communication concerning you and your audience, plus the care you show when presenting the data.

In Spanish Pura Vida we support you and train you whenever you have to give a speech in any environment of your life, school or work, in English or Spanish we are more than glad in helping you.