Learn Spanish in Costa Rica - We teach the conversational skills you need to begin speaking with locals immediately. With no more than 6 students to a class, we create fun and relaxed classes taught by highly experienced native speakers.

Our School



Learn Spanish the best way possible and discover the wonders of Costa Rican culture by living with a local host family near the school.

Homestay Program



From ocean kayaking to coffee farm mountain biking, Spanish Pura Vida will provide you the adventure of a lifetime with highly trained bi-lingual tour guides.



Happy Students

  • "A day doesn't go by where I don't think of our amazing time in Alajuela with all of you. I cannot even begin to tell you how pleased we all were with the whole event..."

    Eric Williams, Photograher, 25

  • "My trip to Costa Rica was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I arrived in Alajuela with my husband and was instantly amazed by the people who opened their homes and their hearts to us."

    Tara Rodriquez, Interior Designer, 25

  • "It's hard to explain to someone what my experience was like at Spanish Pura Vida. That is because the experience goes beyond learning Spanish. It's really a cultural experience that combines learning with true adventure."

    Sarah Hanson, Student, 27

    Dedication to You

    - Our Mission -

    Our mission is to teach, to immerse, and to instill a life changing experience for our students through classroom education and cross cultural immersion.

    - Our Philospohy -

    We believe in combining the power of conversation with formal grammatical instruction. Paired with cultural immersion and a relaxed environment, this combination has proven to be the most effective teaching method.

    - Small Group Promise -

    Our classes are conducted in small groups of no more than six students. We believe this is the optimal amount of students a classroom should have to allow for a relaxed and effective learning atmosphere